WELCOME to the 6th grade 

Cockrill Middle School website

This website is a great resource for all 6th grade math students.  We load weekly lesson plans, quiz and test reviews, math charts, and other helpful information throughout the year.   

Tutoring is offered (by invitation) on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:50 until 4:25. 


The following offers a link to Prentice Hall, the publisher of the math textbooks we sometimes use in the classrooms.  Once you log in using the codes below, you will have access to video re-teaching clips, textbook steps and explanations, vocabulary and terms, and, most importantly, additional practice material on current math topics.  Students in Academic classes should use the 6th grade textbook, Pre AP should use the 7th grade textbook, and the 8th grade textbook may be used in advanced classes later in the year.

Click www.phschool.com

6th grade    aqe 0775

7th grade    are 0775

8th grade     ase 0775

The codes should be entered where it states "Course Content"  We hope you enjoy this new and helpful resource!

Home Access Center

The HAC is offerred by the MISD to facilitate effective school to home communication.  The HAC allows parents to access student information such as attendance, tardy and grade information, and much more via any internet connection.  Your user name is your student's ID number.

As a parent, you can access this information by clicking the Home Aceess Center title at the top, or by going to the MISD website, then selecting Parent Resources, and then Home Access Center.  If you have any questions regarding this program, or if you need your password, call Cockrill at 469-742-7900. 

Looking for Tutorial Help?? 

There is a fantastic website (not affiliated with the MISD) which offers great mini-lessons on a variety of math subjects.  We will be utilizing this site in the classroom as well.  Go to the KHAN Academy website and let us know what you think!!!

This site has tabs so that course-specific information can be found easily.  Select GT, Pre AP, Mr. Smith's GT/Pre AP class, or Mathematics depending on your course....  We encourage everyone to use the Comments tab for feedback!

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