I hope to have this site updated weekly. Although we will not be updating the site with homework assignments (since these assignments vary class to class), a copy of each class lesson plan should be available weekly. In addition, we will have copies of quizzes, test reviews, and other helpful reference materials, as well as important schedule information.

This page should be used as a resource page for all Pre AP and Gifted and Talented students and parents who are in Mr. Smith's 7/8 class. For more information on the McKinney ISD Gifted and Talented program, visit the
GT Website.  For general school information, please visit the MISD website or the Cockrill Middle School website!

I will no longer be providing practice Computation quizzes to the Advanced class. I will provide the concepts the kids need to know, so that questions can be asked if they are a bit "fuzzy" 

This next Comp quiz will cover the following concepts:  Dividing mixed numbers, angle sums, probability, exponents (positive and negative), adding and subtracting integers, area and perimeter of quadrilaterals, and proportions.

Each weeks lesson plan may be found on this website as well.  It is posted so that parents and students will know what the primary topics will be for the following week.  Upcoming quizzes or tests may also be found.  The lesson plans will be posted no later than Monday morning for the following week.

 For those who need a copy of the STAAR math charts, please find the seventh and eighth-grade versions below.  We use both in this class!

Grade_7_MathSTAAR_Chart.pdf Grade_7_MathSTAAR_Chart.pdf
Size : 147.58 Kb
Type : pdf
Grade_8_MathSTAAR_Chart.pdf Grade_8_MathSTAAR_Chart.pdf
Size : 178.438 Kb
Type : pdf
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